Why Storytelling is Important

Why Storytelling is Important
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Reasons why storytelling is important to children:

One of the most important thing children missing in this fast world is Heartfull interaction with the family. These days they are getting busy in the routine daily schedule. We have grown up on stories told by our grandparents, parents and other elders of the family.

I have been that one child who always fascinated about stories and runs my mind with Imagination. The fantasy stories like Akbar- Birbal, Panchatantra, and other king stories helped us in learning a good moral which taught about the good an bad that helps in making a decision. these stories also thaught about the consequences of the decision taken by the character in the story.

However, technology meddling our lives like never before. As the Internet is created the medium for telling a story for children. Well, Elders always say storytelling is an art. where you need to be creative and mould according to the mood and interest of the listener.


Here are some more benefits of storytelling in childhood:

1) Builts moral in children:

Stories have a Huge Impact on us. Children tend to think about the point of what they here.  Honesty, truthfulness, gratitude, and many such attributes can be built in them.

2) Culture:

The root of the culture are hidden in stories and this is how culture is transferred to the next generation. So they can understand their own history and traditions.

3) Increases vocabulary :

Children can learn many new words through storytelling and reading. This helps them to speak and participate in school events more confidently.

4) Improves Listen Skills:

Listening is one of the skills which help to grab fastly. the attention of the listener increases the concentration and improves listening skills.

5) Self-reading Vs Story narrating:

As elders, we can read a novel and enjoy. but, for children, a good story narrator is important. because of the personal interaction and expression of the person, children feel more communicative and gains interest in the story.

6) Activity:

A story can be narrated very interactively. Asking a question and let them think it or Creating a task establishes a good interaction with them and children’s effective participation builds the zeal to learn new things in them.

6) Communication:

To interact with world communication has become one of the most essential skill. Imagination, listing, thinking, interacting and understanding of stories can enhance your communication skills

7) Improves Concentration:

Listening and paying attention to the story improves the concentration levels of the children.

8) Develops intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is the key to success at various stages of human life. Control over one’s Emotions and expression can be achieved.

9) Sharpens memory:

Irrespective of story length number of characters play a very curtail role here. asking a question in between the narration helps you to understand whether listener following the story.


If you are narrating the story second-time act as you have forgotten the story in between. Then children will imagine or recall the story and interact with you. This sharpens the memory of the children.

These are some of the best reasons why you need to start storytelling with your children. Reading, storytelling, and interacting with your child support brain development and increases creativity and imagination. language, culture and emotions are easily thought from stories and strengthen’s relationship with family and society.



Sudha is a homemaker. Her knowledge in Telugu literature and passion for writing has influenced her to start this blog with the help of her son. She uses to tell a story at the night to her son daily. Now her idea is to share all the stories in this blog for children.

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