5 One Line Tips to Decide a Story

5 One Line Tips to Decide a Story
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Every day when your child asks a new story you may get confused about what to tell. Many time you may be tired and not willing to tell a story and you will simply switch on the television and play rhymes or cartoon stories there. But never forget if personal interactions with children they will be happier rather then seeing cartoon online. Not able to decide a story is also one of the reasons for not tell a story to children. So, here are five tips which will help you to decide what story you need to tell to your children.

5 Tips to Decide a Story

  • Firstly know what type of stories does your child like. Some may like animal stories, king stories or some other stories.
  • Do not always say the story in the same theme. change the characters and their names in the story, modulation, and etc.
  • Make sure the story has a good moral in it. It is the main reason why you are telling the story.
  • Pick the characters resembles an original life one’s. If you find difficulty in picking up go with simple story characters or animals as characters.
  • Still can not decide the story? The best way is asking your child what they want to listen, But, doing this child loose suspense what you are going tell.



Sudha is a homemaker. Her knowledge in Telugu literature and passion for writing has influenced her to start this blog with the help of her son. She uses to tell a story at the night to her son daily. Now her idea is to share all the stories in this blog for children.

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