Numbers in Telugu

Numbers in Telugu
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Here are the numbers in Telugu language form 0 – 9 with English translation for your children. Encourage your kids to learn Telugu numbers.

Telugu Numbers | తెలుగులో సంఖ్యలు:

English Words Telugu In Telugu Transliteration
1 one ఒకటి okaṭi
2 two రెండు reṇḍu
3 three మూడు mūḍu
4 four నాలుగు nālugu
5 five అయిదు ayidu
6 six ఆరు āru
7 seven ఏడు ēḍu
8 eight ఎనిమిది enimidi
9 nine తొమ్మిది tommidi
0 zero పది padi


Sudha is a homemaker. Her knowledge in Telugu literature and passion for writing has influenced her to start this blog with the help of her son. She uses to tell a story at the night to her son daily. Now her idea is to share all the stories in this blog for children.

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