Never Forget This Checklist for New Born Baby

Never Forget This Checklist for New Born Baby
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It is quite common for everyone that we forget some or other thing when we go for a store. Here is the list which you should never forget when you visit a supermarket for your newborn.

Here is the Newborn checklist:

1. Clothing:

Make a note of all the clothing items like Shirts, Undershirts, Pants and etc.

Clothing for newborn

2. Feeding:

If you are breastfeeding your child there nothing much you need to take, If not Bottles, Feeding food, bottle cleaning brush and etc.

Feeding new born

3. Diapering:

These might of the things which you need daily for the child. Make sure How many you need for a week So that you need not go again for the store. Must include waterproof covers, diaper, washcloths.


4. Bathtime:

For a regular bath, you can take baby soaps and shampoo, soft-hooded towels, and toys

bath toyes

5. Bedtime:

You can take waterproof mattress covers, light blankets, crib sheets.



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