5 Tips to Tell a Good Story

5 Tips to Tell a Good Story
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Stories attract children and make them learn many new things. They may make this as a hobby to read storybooks own their own. This hobby considered as much beneficial for the adults as well. Children start thinking in new and creative ways, this is where they need a good encouragement to write their creative stories on their own. A good way of storytelling helps them to focus on and understand the moral of the story.

Here are some of the tips for good storytelling:

1) Choose good content:

Life of a story lie’s the content only. Each child may like a different story, you need to notice their interest and choose a good story. It is easy to select a story if you have a list to do. Be prepared before you start telling the story so that you can interact more with children.

2) Important point:

When you find any important point in the story, then you can match them with real-life or culture. In this way you can more interact with the children and that point will be conveyed well.

3) Be expressive:

One of the most important factors is your expression. This Expression will only make children sit more time. A Good story can easily reach to children by making a unique actions and sounds. So that they can recall the story fastly.

4) Choosing a story:

As Storytelling is a moral duty, you ask them to choose the story of their interest. When children choose the story of their choice there is more possibility of understanding the story by children. This way they will be more attentive throughout the story and also eager about the next session.

5) practice:

Never tell a story with our practice because if there are more pause time in between story then there is a high chance that children lose interest in the story and they can easily get bored. if you are a regular storyteller it’s better to recall the full story before starting so that they won’t be more breaks in between.

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Sudha is a homemaker. Her knowledge in Telugu literature and passion for writing has influenced her to start this blog with the help of her son. She uses to tell a story at the night to her son daily. Now her idea is to share all the stories in this blog for children.

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